Dr. August R. Arosemena
Eye Surgery Specialist in Panama City, Panama
Paitilla Medical Center: 206-2424

About Us

Dr. Arosemena       Dr. Augusto R. Arosemena is an Ophthalmologist, trained in Italy and in the United States.  He did his medical school at the University of Pavia, Italy, where he obtained his Doctor in Medicine and Surgery degree; was trained in Houston, TX and Jackson, MS, U.S.A. as an Ophthalmologist.  Upon returning to Panama he opened his own private practice in San Fernando Clinic and Punta Paitilla Hospital, while he worked as an Ophthalmologist for the USA Gorgas Army Hospital in the Canal Zone.

At present he is proud to serve his patients at  Consultorios Medicos Paitilla,  53rd Street and Balboa Avenue,  Marbella, Panama City. Consultorio 125,  Office: 2062424 and cell phone 66162020.  

In Panamá, Dr. Arosemena was a pioneer implanting intraocular lenses for eyes having Cataract Surgeries,  skills developed  in Houston, TX.   Since 1994,  he also was part of the first group offering LASIK Excimer Laser treatment for Refractive Surgery.

Always striving to remain updated in the latest techniques for Ophthalmology, he continuously participates in international and local courses, seminars and congresses learning the state of the art treatment for eye diseases and Anterior Segment surgeries.

Dr. Arosemena has performed thousand of different eye surgeries, mainly cataracts, Excimer Laser refractive surgery, Pterygiums, with a special plastic surgery technique, corneal transplants, glaucoma, and difficult refractive surgeries for keratoconus, field where Dr. Arosemena is the ophthalmologist with more experience in the Athens Protocol and CrossLinking Corneal surgeries.

It has become his obligation to maintain himself updated to offer his patients the best intraocular lenses  for each particular situation. He always uses  the more advance technology in Cataract Surgeries such as Femtosecond Laser LenSx;  ORA, which is the latest advance in fitting the correct intraocular lens specially for patients that had previous corneal and Lasik surgery.  For this type of particular surgery, Dr. Arosemena uses the Centurion  by Alcon USA, which help treat the internal eye with ultra care to obtain the  best results.

For those who wish to be fitted with multifocal intraocular Restore Lenses, as well as for those cases of Refractive Lens Exchange (patients with 45 years or more) it is recommended to combine the FEMTOSECOND LenSx LASER and the ORA DEVICE.

LASIK Surgeries are performed with the Excimer Laser ALLEGRETTO, manufactured by Alcon USA; consider the best and most precise in the market.  To correct elevated Myopia of 6 or more diopters and for all the HYPEROPIC Excimer lasers,  Dr. Arosemena performs LASIK XTRA which is  a combination of the LASIK with Corneal CROSSLINKING for safer and more consistent results.

Also, for patients with Keratoconus, Dr. Arosemena does Superficial PRK with Excimer Laser using  the Athens Protocol modality, which pretends to normalize the corneal surface and diminish the astigmatism up to 70%, combining Corneal Crosslinking with his modern equipment which minimizes time of the surgery to 5 to 10 minutes.

Pterygium are treated with a plastic surgery technique to transplant the conjunctiva or, if needed, with  amniotic membrane, which are glued with human Fibrin glue produced in the United States by  Baxter, so there is no need for stitches to adhere the transplant.

Are you having eye problems?  Dr. Arosemena will do a very thorough eye examination to determine exactly what the problem is then advise you on your options for correcting the problem.  Call today Office: 2062424 and cell phone 66162020