Dr. August R. Arosemena
Eye Surgery Specialist in Panama City, Panama
Paitilla Medical Center: 206-2424

SLIDESHOW: Common Vision Problems in People Over 50

Dr. Arosemena gave an excellent presentation during the Boquete BCP meeting.  The doctor was very clear on focused, he knows his stuff. I am not going to try and summarize his technical and still clear explanations of various ocular diseases and what to do about them.

The one clear message is that Dr. Arosemena knows his stuff and has a modern fully equipped clinic in Panama City. He is an eye surgeon and has a staff of eye surgeons.  His fees are very affordable and a fraction of what you would pay in the USA.

He discussed vitamins, nutrition as well as medicines and surgery as treatments for several eye issues. I do not feel qualified to give or even repeat medical advice here.

Call Dr. Arosemena’s office at 206-2424 to make an appointment or fill out the form here at www.EyeDoctorPanama.com

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