Dr. August R. Arosemena
Eye Surgery Specialist in Panama City, Panama
Paitilla Medical Center: 206-2424



After tripping on a blanket and falling down the stairs I damaged my retina.  Macular hole surgery was necessary and a few months later cataract surgery. Several years later I started having problems seeing out of that eye.  Dr. Arosemena was highly recommended so I flew to Panama City for an exam.   He did the most thorough eye exam I have ever had and quickly identified the problem.. a secondary cataract or film over my cataract.  Dr. Arosemena spoke perfect English and took time to explain my problem and what treatment was necessary to fix it.  Twenty-four hours later, he corrected it with laser surgery.  During the exam, he also identified that I needed surgery in my other eye to correct several problems.  Now, I can see up close and far away without wearing reader glasses or contacts. I highly recommend Dr. Arosemena.

J. Lange
Boquete Panama